How to create mobile apps without writing code

How to create mobile apps without writing code

May 20, 2020

Earlier, if you wanted to create an app but didn’t know how to write a code then you had to either learn coding or hire an agency or look out for a freelancer for getting the work done, procedures that were either time consuming or very costly.

Luckily, that has changed. You can now build any type of an app without writing a single line of code, saving both time and money.

With the increasingly rapid proliferation of mobile phones, people are preferring to make sales and purchases using their phones (also known as mobile commerce), which has added to the requirement of making mobile apps for businesses. There are some programming tools that help you in creating a mobile app without using a code. Some of the app builders are:

Bubble: Bubble helps you build a mobile app or website without using any code. The drag and drop builder helps you to add page elements such as text, images, videos, icons, maps, button and others easily. You can customize everything starting from font colors, visibility of different elements and icons. The tool is great for non-technical people looking to launch their own app or websites seamlessly. The tool is free to build and payment starts once the audience grows.

Pixate: Pixate helps you design native mobile apps prototypes without using code. You can also add animation and interaction to your design in a few clicks, again without having to use any codes. Designers wanting to quickly validate their ideas without building native mobile app use this tool. Pixate used to be a paid service. But after it was acquired by Google in July 2015, it is now free for all.

Appy Pie: Easy to use, Appy Pie is an online tool for app creation. It makes mobile app creation a fast and unique experience. This app maker supports both Android and iOS app development. Though it is free for newcomers to the mobile app domain, one needs to pay to use rich features that help in building high-quality native apps for Android and iOS.

Buzztouch: Buzztouch is a web-based software helping people create and design mobile apps. It enables to use plugins that are prewritten. The how to videos and other tutorials in the website help developers learn a lot about the tool. Buzztouch’s website also has a complete guide detailing how the software works. The source code used for each of the applications is released under an open-source license. The software is free to use for the first 30 days.

Mobile Roadie: Mobile Roadie is world’s first iOS and Android app builder. Some of its biggest clients are Disney and Universal. A variety of design options and impressive templates are available for the users along with the scope for customizing all of them. With its advanced features such as elegant design capabilities and templates and geo-target feature, this is the most desirable tool for app development. However, its higher pricing makes it out of reach for smaller businesses. Also, because of the number of features available in this platform, understanding it will take some time.

GoodBarber: Another no-code app builder platform is GoodBarber. This app builder helps you make both native apps and progressive web apps. GoodBarber provides an intuitive and comprehensive workspace for building app. Over 30,000 apps have been published using GoodBarber so far.